What a tweet looks like

I don't think all that stuff is actually stored in each tweet, but it's always interesting to see how stuff works behind the scenes.

Can't Touch This

It seems to be a truth universally acknowledged that multitouch is a generally better interaction concept than anything else.

I wonder why that is? I mean, nobody would claim that finger painting is generally better than painting with a brush.

Yet, every new handset seems to be critiqued upon how good it handles multitouch.

Which is a total non-issue. I love my Blackberry, and it doesn't even have single touch. And I don't think it would be much better if it had.

I also don't think the Blackberry would be better if it had a browser where text size is 2 pixels.

That's all just stupid reality distortion.


Quick note: Please stop trivializing collaboration!

If we believe our masters at the Googleplex, collaboration is about seeing each other's keypresses.

(I'm only choosing this example because it's the most extreme, and thus most clearly shows the trivialization of collaboration.)

I don't know what collaboration is really about, but I know that it's not about seeing each other's keypresses.

Take scientific collaboration. Some good scientists (like Gödel) work decades and only publish a handful of papers. These papers are their inputs to collaboration. Seeing Gödel's keypresses during all these years would be kinda boring, and probably not really helpful.

Collaboration can only work if people do a lot of great work offline. There, I said it! Collaboration is actually hard. It requires thinking, formulation, etc.

So don't trivialize it. Please.


Semiotic Engineering

This must be one of the insightfullest grafs I've read in a long time:
It views HCI as computer-mediated communication between designers and users at interaction time. The system speaks for its designers in various types of conversations specified at design time. These conversations communicate the designers' understanding of who the users are, what they know the users want or need to do, in which preferred ways, and why. The designers' message to users includes even the interactive language in which users will have to communicate back with the system in order to achieve their specific goals. So, the process is in fact one of communication about communication, or metacommunication. — Clarisse De Souza


platforms are all about loveDave

[the internet is] the only platform that works