What is remoteStorage?

remoteStorage is a simple and brilliant way to free our data. I'll just post an explanation I just gave on #erights here.

(07:04:07 PM) msimoni: zooko put remoteStorage this way yesterday on tahoe-lafs: "The point is that a human can type in "zooko@example.com" and the app contacts example.com and somehow persuades example.com to authorize it to use storage there and then the app uses storage at http://example.com/storage/zooko"
(07:04:26 PM) msimoni: the zooko@example.com is a remoteStorage account identifier, not an email address
(07:05:02 PM) msimoni: you use web apps, like say a document editor, and "bring your own storage", and the web app uses the storage to store your documents
(07:05:23 PM) msimoni: it basically uses GET and PUT on a fairly flat hierarchy at http://example.com/storage/zooko
(07:05:31 PM) dash: nice
(07:05:39 PM) msimoni: (the form of the URL could be anything)
(07:06:31 PM) msimoni: and you have a bunch of private "categories" e.g. "documents", "pictures", which are totally private to you
(07:06:52 PM) msimoni: plus there's one special category "public" that's world-readable, but not world-enumerable, so you can use unguessable identifiers in there

That's it!

P.S. To try it out for yourself, you can get free storage at a remoteStorage-enabled provider such as owncube.com, and then try out this tutorial.