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Dean Bubley:
Tablets - I've been somewhat surprised by the iPad's success, but I still don't see tablets as a major game-changing trend, beyond the "Apple Effect". I still think that the iPad is primarily a nice (and for some groups of people also very useful) gadget which complements their PC/Mac and smartphone usage. I don't see massmarket Android platforms fulfilling the same roles and I certainly don't see tablets heralding some sort of mythical "post-PC" era. I do seem them as becoming important for "social TV" use cases in the home, though. I expect to see a declining % of tablets with embedded/activated 3G radios going forward - the bulk will be WiFi-only. 2011 success rating: 5/10
Let me repeat:
I certainly don't see tablets heralding some sort of mythical "post-PC" era.

I really like these obnoxious new FSF banners

Not f'd — you won't find me on Facebook

Abandoning del.icio.us?

I understand that people are upset, but I don't get the point of moving from one problematic provider to another equally problematic provider.

It's the whole concept that's rotten, not just particular bad apples.

And in the meantime, I lose easy access to your much-valued data.

Thus, for 2011, we should all work hard on two issues:
  • Easier, but still hard: Decentralization: it shouldn't matter which problematic provider you're signed up to - I still want to browse your data in my problematic provider.
  • Hard: Make this sh*t work: We should found a democratic trust that hosts our data on a free software stack, so that we can get rid of problematic providers altogether.
Our data is worth much more than gold!


The cloud's 9/11

I think the del.icio.us situation was a wake up call for a lot of people.

Keeping it short, here are my suggestions for the future:
  • Let us pay: As they say if you don't pay for a product, you are the product.
  • A company ain't enough: Classical capitalism isn't fit to provide the service we need. I'm thinking about some sort of netizen's trust.
  • It takes an architecture: The whole stack has to be free software, and good one at that. Everything else won't cut it.
Our data is worth much more than gold!

Institutional innovators welcome!


I'm afraid of sociotards

Exhibit N:
See that cute girl or boy sitting over there? Imagine seeing what you have in common at a glance.
Exhibit N+1:
you will be able to "see" all your "friends" all the time and know which movie or TV show they're watching and watch it "with" them if you want