The great aesthetic which will inaugurate the twenty-first century will be the utterly invisible quality of intellectual integrity; the integrity of the individual dealing with his scientific discoveries; the integrity of the individual in dealing with conceptual realization of comprehensive interrelatedness of all events; the integrity of the individual dealing with the only experimentally arrived at information regarding invisible phenomena; and finally integrity of all those who formulate invisibly within their respective minds and invisibly with the only mathematically dimensionable, advanced technologies, on the behalf of their fellow men.

- Buckminster Fuller, 1973


Anonymous said...

That is quite a find. It seems gibberish or nonsense at first, but after several re-readings the meaning and depth emerge. Something like the abstract essence of a Glass Bead Game.

Manuel Simoni said...

If that sounds like gibberish to you, you obviously haven't read a lot of Bucky's writings ;)