Dirk Hohndel:
Yes, it took a while for the Internet to drive AOL into irrelevance. And similarly, it will take time for the mass of the customers to realize just how Apple is taking advantage of them. And there will continue to be some fanboyz.

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Fred Blasdel said...

if you have to “jailbreak” your device in order to get the software you want, maybe you are using the wrong device to begin with

Except that this is true of nearly all Android devices too, given the proclivities of the manufacturers and carriers to pursue synergy at the expense of basic sanity.

Also, Android's growth is completely localized to the US (mostly Verizon giving them away), and MeeGo is growing nowhere, not even northern Europe.

WebOS is the best of the platforms: cleverly designed, shipping upstream open source, wide open to hacking, with the source code to their proprietary stuff right there on the device. It's a hell of a lot more Linux than Android is (vanilla kernel, normal power management, useful GNU userland) but not to the idiotic degree that MeeGo is (no GTK or Qt, much less transitioning from one to the other!). Hopefully HP ships good hardware for it.