When it all shakes out

Dave Winer writes:
LinkedIn is for business contacts. Facebook is for connecting with classmates and friends from days gone by. Twitter is for news. What is Foursquare for? And then what is Facebook's checkin service for? I mean, when it all shakes out. It can be hard to forsee.
I find it always interesting that intelligent people like Dave care so much about current incumbents/silos in the social networking game.

For me it's self-evident that sooner than later control of social connections will be where it belongs - with the people.

For me, all these evil silos are just an artefact of a still illiquid market.

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Anonymous said...

We need to get these applications down the perfect competition commodity level.

I need to walk up to any webhost, get a domain name and boom get a tonne of apps installed.

Everyone other webhost has to be able to offer these services too.

If we make a VPS server distro this can happen. VPS providers provide differing levels of service but a VPS server distro would allow us as consumers to be responsible for our own data.

It has to be so simple that grandpa can plug in his credit card, get an email address, a domain name, and his social networking up.