The Collateral Damage of "Journalism"

I've always cut "journalists" a lot of slack – it seemed to me that I couldn't criticize them, because after all they were doing something really important.

But I've changed my outlook on this issue, because I've discovered that what goes today for journalism is actually harmful.

The tipping point was when a friend of mine who's managing a lot of people said:
Employees of all races, cultures, and creeds have no problem whatsoever working and having fun together, contrary to what the press would have us believe.
And I'm not talking about the designated rags, such as the Post, I'm talking about the "respected" rags, such as the Times.

Because they're backed by big money and thus widely circulated, they reach not only the people stupid enough to pay for them, they also cause collateral damage to innocent bystanders by sheer volume: today one is somewhat surprised to not find oneself in a cultural war at work, because "journalists" are constantly hammering us with faux "news" from the war of terror (among other things), copied and pasted directly from the prop-agenda-ists' feeds.

"Journalism": Good riddance.

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