Does it get uncooler?

First Facebook didn't want anyone else to have the word "book" in the name of his or her online community and now it doesn't want anyone to have the word "face" either.
Thankfully, people acting this way are building castles on sand.
There is a small but crucial group of people that specifically want Unix. These people are the "hackers" and should not be discounted. Almost every good feature in computer operating systems today, including most features in DOS, Windows, and Windows/NT, came from the mind of one hacker or another. Typically, the work was not commissioned by a company. It was done as a research project and then productized. Without these people, we make no forward progress. These are the sort of people that made NetBSD run all of those different applications. This sort of talent, energy, and enthusiasm can not be bought. — The Sourceware Operating System Proposal

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