Big + Extreme

There seems to be a certain quality ("without a name") in design today, that is only achievable through an aura of "bigness". (It's no coincidence that that's a term coined by polemic extraordinaire Rem Koolhaas.)

To make this more concrete, consider this Dubai-themed design by Wolff Olins:

This is so extreme, that if a freshman graphic designer showed this to you, you'd probably be most concerned about his mental health.

But, in the hands of a pre-established, auratized (Byung-Chul Han) context of brand (WO in this case) bigness, you can pull it off.

(I'm sorry if I'm getting too deleuze&guattari here.)

Do we, in this modern world, have to blow up our meagre ideas and concepts to Koolhaasian galactic and causality-changing proportions in order to make them heard, or even intelligible?

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