Our strange design decade

This is a design submitted for India's ID card by Saffron, Wally Olins' branding company.

Now, they say it has something to do with the "sign of democracy", the index finger dot, which has become a kind of fetish in the media, for example:

"Your democracy makes us hot."

The logo is arguably strange. I mean, I used to balk at the guy in class who said he could paint like Picasso (every class has that guy, right?), but in this case it's true. Anybody could do that logo.

Saffron knows that of course, and I bet it's part of the deal. But I still can't put my finger on what's going on here exactly, design-wise.

What will people learn about our fridge-nuking and shark-jumping decade of the Uh-Ohs in 50 years when they look at that logo?

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