Et tu, John Gruber?

I don't know how it happened, but John Gruber has become a sort of spokesman for the Applephiles.

Where I see the problem is that the Apple Inc. John Gruber is so in love with has nothing or very little to do with the original Apple Computer, Inc.

Apple Computer, Inc. was about freedom (if not in actual motivation, at least in words and deeds, and that's important, too, as Zizek tells us). Apple Inc. is about freedom fries.

Maybe it's just me, but Gruber seems to be apologetic about whatever Apple does. He's like their minister of propaganda. I don't like that. It's not good for Apple, and not good for his readers.

What Apple really needs is a kick in the backside. If anything, they are wasting their potential for insane greatness. Yes, they may do great stuff today, but they don't do insanely great no more. And we would need that. My blood still flows in six colors, and that's why this blog will fly the original Apple Computer, Inc. logo reversed, until Apple gets its act together again.

(Sorry, had to get this out of my system for a long time.)


Fred Blasdel said...

It started really getting out of hand when he was posting 10 times a day trying to burn Gizmodo at the stake. When Steve Jobs cited one of Gruber's posts in an email to Greg Slepak, it was all over.

I figured it all out a few months ago — he's fundamentally a sportswriter, much like Keith Olbermann (and I think he knows this: see his baseball obsession). Apple is just 'his team' to inanely defend. Now that the team's owner has acknowledged him, it's only a matter of time before he starts using the 'royal we'.

bugmenot said...

Agreed. I really like the upside down rainbow Apple logo. It's an ode to long-gone days of freedom, when Cupertino had it's customer's best interests at heart. I might start flying it that way on my car. Hope it catches on.

Gruber never has any criticism for Apple, and after a while he starts to sound like a whiny prat. Sometimes he is insightful, but between the sports updates (who cares?) and his frequent anti-Google posts, he's losing his credibility. John, we get it - you LOVE everything Apple, the same way FOX News loves everything Republican.

Nerdie McSweatervest said...

Certainly Gruber's view of the Gizmodo iPhone 4 incident is, to put it lightly, one-sided. But it's simply not true that he never has any criticism of Apple. He's often pointed out shortcomings in App Store policies, for example.

bugmenot said...

@Nerdie: You're right, of course. I was ever-so-slightly hyperbolic. Still, there are times when Steve will boil my blood with an outrageous policy or action and Gruber defends it as though it were the best thing since sliced bread. He's definitely lost touch. He's got a lot of insight, I respect him and that's why he's still in my RSS feed. As for Gizmodo, they are the tabloid journalism of the tech world. I read them, even though I shouldn't...

Anonymous said...

Yes this is very familiar to me, you sound like the AntiApple and Gruber is the Apple apologist.