10 Must-Have Features of an Internet Notebook

  • typed, bidirectional hyperlinks = structured tags
  • wiki namespace
  • ubiquitous reverse chronological access
  • search
  • outlining
  • asymmetric follow
  • unlimited undo
  • instantaneousity
  • views
  • secret feature
Dig we must!


gavin said...

what about ubiquitous access? unless that's the secret feature. i want to get stuff in and out of it no matter where i am, or what i'm using.

Craig said...

I like the list, especially number 10, but I'd title it differently:

"10 Must-Have features of a forgetful-Internet Notebook."

My problem is that views, like namespace and hyperlinks, can disappear in the blink of an eye. With the current Internet architecture you have to copy everything you note in order to persist it. This might be fine for a personal notebook however the Internet should really be that notebook, especially if you want features like that "unlimited undo", or "Internet Notebook" feature! An Internet Notebook to me isn't a notebook without persistence of all notes(forks) and relations.

As you can see, I have a complex with the mere notion of an "Internet Notebook"... everyone seems to want to go over the Internet when the damn thing is broken for this kind of collaborative application.

Try achieving "instantaneousity" when you live on the other side of the data-silo world when using the current architecture...

Under, not over it.