Microsoft Announces Food Search Cooperation With Cuil

Redmond, WA - Microsoft (MSFT) today announced a cooperation with Google killer Cuil Inc. The next major release of Microsoft's search engine, Bing 2012, will incorporate the special Cuil Theory developed by Cuil, along with recipe search technology by Google killer Powerset, which Microsoft acquired earlier in a $100 million deal.

In an interview with the press, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told reporters that Cuil Theory will further enhance Bing's standing as a so-called decision engine, especially when it comes to food-related decisions. "Others do nonfood searches quite OK, but the next big thing is food decisions," Mr. Ballmer said. "There is no better way to decide for, say, a grilled-meat restaurant, than Cuil's prized technology."

Mr. Ballmer declined to give any new information about .EAT, Microsoft's rumored major entry into the food decision market, but predicted that ".EAT will be bigger than Java" in an obvious blow to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. He also told the press that this will be an opportunity to sell some of the tablet computers stacked in Washington warehouses. "What's better for food decisions than a table—t," Mr. Ballmer jokingly asked the reporters. "Get it, you dumb _____?"

Analysts were cautious, however. While both Cuil and Powerset were "quite effective" as Google killers, they weren't as successful as Wolfram|Alpha and other newcomers to the scene, a Silicon Valley analyst noted. "Hunting and killing Google will remain a favorite pastime of startup companies for some time. There's still more than enough Google to go around. Happy hunting!"

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