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For some reason, Blogger won't let me comment on this very blog (a win for the cloud!), so I'm answering your comments on the Internet Notebook here.

Gavin, I didn't mention ubiquitous access, because I take that for granted in an internet tool. I was just listing the kind of features that describe the tool's "mental universe".

Craig, you're referring to content-centric networking when you ask for an internet that never forgets? Well, we'll have to make do without that for the moment.

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Craig said...

Not necessarily CCN, but I agree that CCN would come close if not fulfill the Internet that never forgets goal for most people.

Personally I'm too impatient to wait for that and started prototyping my own, and conceptually as a foundation I feel CCN can be greatly improved upon. I'm more interested in an Internet within an internet than one that doesn't forget (in an open system true persistence would actually require reflection for self management), and CCN as advocated by Van and the other related systems I've read about aren't reflective, nor are they truly decentralised; the code used for CCN nodes isn't hosted within a CCN itself. It can be, but no one has done that yet as far as I know. To do it you still need some shellcode to bootstrap, which could be the hardware (shellcode equates to the empty egg, while an evolved environment equates to the chicken :), and I've figured out a way to do this and in the process improve network storage and program reuse efficiency by orders of magnitude. But honestly I'm lazy, and easily distracted when it comes to implementing it, so take all this with a grain of salt until I find the motivation to write up, or build my demo.

Enough crazy talk from me. I look forward to seeing your notebook evolve and finding many hidden easter egg features within it.

Blogger has complained number of times with "Your request could not be processed" so I try-try again and eventually it works. Session, cookies or bugs eating cookies I expect.