What I don't get about Wave: General Architecture

What happens when you take the one dumbest data format in existence, extend it (I won't even go into that), stuff it into a centralized server, and let people manipulate it concurrently, using a TECO-ish differential editing protocol?

Answer: Google Wave.

Of course to make that work you have to look into CSCW which hasn't produced any interesting results in 40 years, and adopt silly bean-counting technology (ha!) like Operational Transformation. Only so that text-editing works in your system.

Joel doesn't understand that stuff. Heck, not even Manuel does.

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Anonymous said...

Agree with you Manuel. Features like open soucre and co-editing will add to the complexity of Google Wave and also Google Wave does not follow the web standards as well. Colayer, a pure web based application is also based on the similar concept as Google Wave.
See Also http://colayer.com/page_googlewave