Microsoft and Nokia Announce Copy & Paste

Keilaniemi, Espoo - In a joint statement, Microsoft and Nokia today presented their plan to take the throne of mobile innovation from incumbent Apple Inc. Their latest effort, called Blebi, is designed to beat Apple with its own weapon – high-octane, shock-and-awe innovation.

Blebi is an effort to cross-license intellectual property and technical know-how regarding the coveted "copy & paste" feature of modern supercomputers.

The technological difficulty of introducing copy & paste in the mobile form factor (it took Apple years to "port" this technology from its desktop range to mobile) was underscored by an expletive-laden meeting with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, in which he threatened to keelhaul the programmers if they don't come up with the feature fast enough. "I've done it before," Mr. Ballmer said.

Nokia appears to be in even more trouble, having to implement this far-reaching innovation across its range of operating systems: Maemo, Nokia WebLinux, MobileLinux, Symbian, UIQ, Symbian69, Symbian92, Symbian08, Moblin, UIQ2, and UIQ3. A Nokia spokesperson was unable to comment on a specific timeline for the introduction, and also declined to answer which of these operating systems were actually in use across Nokia's phones.

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Anonymous said...

I was hoping to wait 2 years before someone could do it ``right'', even though I needed it NOW.